A Great 401(k) Plan for Your Clients. Great Results for You.

Times Have Changed

It’s no secret that technology has had a significant impact on the financial services industry over the past decade. Broker fees that were once hundreds of dollars are now mere pennies. The market knowledge and the trading conduit that were once only available through a living, breathing person are now accessible to the masses with just a few clicks of a mouse.

As a result, financial representatives have had to pivot into spaces where their expertise and relationship equity continue to have the most value — one of which being the 401(k) market.

Put a Relationship with Slavic to Work for You

At Slavic, we’ve intentionally and aggressively driven down the cost of the investment lineup so that you, the financial representative, can bring competitive rates to market while maintaining the healthy margin you’ve worked so hard to earn.

When working with financial representatives on standalone 401(k) plans, we relinquish our 3(21) Fiduciary oversight role on the plan. The advisor/representative becomes responsible for fund analysis, and earns an asset fee for servicing the plan on behalf of the client.

Our seasoned team of professionals will handle the employer education component and participant calls, allowing you to spend your time where it counts - using your market expertise to produce the best plan performance possible for the client.